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Start a conversation with thousands of different strangers in our free online chat rooms. We offer a variety of chat rooms based on your interest and demand. We know that these popular chat rooms are exactly what you're looking for. People from all over the world sign in to 123FreeChat because we offer a diverse environment and family friendly chat rooms. You can play various online IRC games, or step it up a knotch with fun features like audio chat and video chat. If you're into IRC, scroll down to see how to connect. For everyone else that just wants to make friends, talk to strangers, and be part of our ever growing community, feel free to sign in and say hello!

Chat Rooms: Adult, teen, gay, lesbian, mobile chat and more!

123FreeChat's chat rooms are intended for everyone ages 13 and older. Certain chat rooms on our chat network do not allow anyone under the age of 18 and in some cases under 21. We welcome everyone from wherever you're signing in from to join our chat community. We thank you for taking the time to visit us and we hope your stay on Free Chat is well enjoyed.

How do I connect on IRC?

You can sign on our server using clients like mIRC, HexChat, xChat, IRCCloud, and any other IRC client. While we allow you to use your own client to sign onto our server, we would like to remind you to check out our chat rules so that you don't end up getting banned.

Our chat network is powered by the good folks at We use IRCd technology to power our user management and content within our chat network. You'll see right in this section our IRC server address, along with a few links that will help you with IRC commands. Remember IRC commands only work with your client, our web client has restrictions.

/server -j #Cafe

By signing on to our IRC network you agree to our terms of use. Any violation of our terms of use may end up causing you to be filtered by our network services, or network administration. Network admins will issue gline's (bans) on any violator of our chat rules.

If you find anyone posting illegal content, please report them to #help ASAP. We have 0 tolerance policy for anyone posting illegal content.

Do people still use online chat rooms?

Thousands of people from all over the world sign on to our chat network every day. We have people from different parts of the USA, UK, AUS, CA, and many other countries that visit our chat network. People sign onto chat sites to make friends and to pass time. While meeting people in real life is always healthy and traditionally common, chatting online has taken that spot because of how simple it is to be able to block the other person on the off chance that they're not being friendly, and it requires both parties to invest adequate time to get to know each other before they continue their friendship further than what it is. Chatting online is also safer for a lot of people who have been through traumatic events. So ultimately, we believe that these facts in combination with our research, that thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people use online chat rooms.