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Think of Cafe like being in a south eastern european cafe with a nice machiato in front of you with a group of your buds. Cafe chat is that relaxed and chilled environment where everyone is welcome and the topics are generally based on daily activities and life experiences. You can share your thoughts on just about any subject with your friends, and new comers.

A general online chat room for you and your friends to interact and explore. Cafe chat was the main chat room in the JungleSpot and JustaChat network. In those day's this room held on average 350-500 people concurrently. Today although newly purchased and newly integrated, it will become one of our most popular chat rooms.

Cafe Chat Overview

  • Ages permitted: 16+
  • Types of topics: General, Trendy
  • Genders permitted: Male, Female, Others
  • Online since: June 12, 2024
  • WebRTC Compatibility: WebRTC: Checking...
  • Moderation Type?: Human, AI
  • Typical # of Users: <50
  • Locations permitted: USA, UK, Global
  • Radio Status: Checking...
  • Websocket Compatibility: WebSockets: Checking...

Cafe Chat Rules & Guidelines

  • Share only lawful and respectful content.
  • Any material involving minors, whether real or fictional, is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not depict or promote bestiality, incest, sexual violence, extreme brutality, or gruesome material.
  • Avoid engaging in or promoting racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination.
  • Keep personal and others' contact details confidential; do not disclose any identifying information.
  • Respect copyright and privacy laws; do not share content you do not own or have rights to.
  • Foster a respectful atmosphere; do not harass other users in any manner.
  • Respect user privacy; do not attempt to contact someone who has blocked or ignored you.
  • Sharing private conversations or media without all parties' consent is prohibited.
  • Impersonating other users, staff, or any individuals is not allowed.
  • Avoid spamming or flooding the chat with repetitive messages or content.
  • Refrain from any cyber-attacks or actions that disrupt the service or another user’s experience.
  • Communicate in English only for clarity and consistency.
  • Do not engage in transactions involving money, credit, or other forms of currency for goods or services.
  • Do not promote or engage in illegal activities or the use of illegal substances.
  • Avoid posting content that could disturb or upset others without proper warnings.
  • Do not misuse the reporting or flagging system to unjustly target other users.
  • Participation in or promotion of piracy, including sharing links to pirated content, is not permitted.
  • Ensure all discussions and shared content align with the community's thematic and ethical standards.

you can click here for the full rules list.